Contemporary Supreme Court Cases

Welcome to Contemporary Supreme Court Cases

Please read the syllabus in full before the first class — it is long but you will need to be across all of this information. The first 2 pages are the syllabus, the following 7 pages are the proposed schedule — the first class is your opportunity to shape this schedule.


CSCC syllabus 2019

Case list:

Case List CSCC 2019 2-14-19


First week’s class materials:

1. Read the brief descriptions in the syllabus and look at the rest of this Term’s cases and be prepared to discuss them. Also think about which classes you want to volunteer to lead.

2. Listen to the More Perfect podcast on a paper developed in this class

3. Read Tim Johnson, Paul Wahlbeck & Jim Spriggs: The Influence of Oral Arguments on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Slides for our first class:

CSCC Intro class 2019

Other slides:

If you would like, you can send me your presentation slides to post here; this avoids having to hook up your own computer to the sometimes unreliable classroom technology.

Madison v. Alabama Presentation

Makeup class video


Final Apple v. Pepper Presentation_2.20.19

FTB v. Hyatt – Stonecipher (1)

Sturgeon v. Frost – DeAmico


Here are the ScotusOA predictons for cases NOT written up on Note that these are raw numbers — on, we always interpret the numbers, as we believe in something as specific as an individual case prediction, the noise in the data is very high. I provide these for you, please do not share outiside the class.

Apple v Pepper prediction Flowers MS prediction

Franchise Tax Bd prediction

Frank v Gaos prediction

Gamble prediction Haymond prediction

Herrera and Garza predictions

Lorenzo predict Sturgeon v Frost prediction


These are examples of very good presentations — yours does not need to be so long:

Exemplar CSCC Presentation

NLRB v SW General Presentation exemplar slides

Mendez Powerpoint

Class v. United States 

These are examples of A+ papers:

CSCC oral argument impact 3 credit paper

CSCC Paper – Role of Oral Arg

CSCC A+ Paper – Agenda

CSCC Paper – decision-making

CSCC A+ 2017 The Use and Effectiveness of Analogy in Supreme Court Oral Argument

CSCC hypotheticals paper A+

CSCC laughter paper A+

CSCC rebuttal paper A+