In 2020, my current working projects are:

Working papers

  • Comparative Oral Argument: What Australia Can Teach Us About the U.S. Supreme court (and Vice-Versa) — with Zoë Robinson & Patrick Leslie — under submission
  • Can Supreme Court Culture Change? Interruptions at Oral Argument, Continued — with Matthew Sag
  • How “Not to Embarrass the Future”: A Solution for the Third-Party Doctrine— with Dustin Stonecipher


Works in Progress                                                                                                                

  • Reanimating Reasonableness: Considering the Combined Effect of State Intrusions
  • The Law of Disposable Children — with Riley Clafton
  • Supreme Court Oral Advocacy: An Empirical Study — with Matthew Sag
  • Katz’s Imperfect Circle: An Experimental Study of Reasonable Expectations of Privacy— with Christopher Jaeger 
  • Pyrrhic Victories: the Mirage of Winning at the Supreme Court in Criminal Procedure Cases — with Clare Gaynor Willis
  • What Explains Interruptive Behavior at the Australian High Court – Zoë Robinson and Patrick Leslie